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expungement attorney in TahlequahOnce you have served your time, it may seem as though the worst is over. But old court records can make it difficult to move on with your life. Criminal Court records can make it difficult to find employment, to pass background checks, even to find a place to live.

This can happen in all sorts of criminal matters. Sometimes, this happens even in cases where the crime that you committed has been handled by a deferred sentence. In that case, you may have complied with all of the court’s requirements, the appropriate time has passed, and probation has been completed. However, there will still be records of the proceedings on your criminal record. You may want to erase the proceedings. In that case, it may be time to contact an expungement attorney in Tahlequah.

Oklahoma Expungement Procedures Vary

Oklahoma law allows two different kinds of expungement of a criminal record. The most desirable kind  erases all mention of any sort of criminal arrest, trial, and conviction. It includes erasing all mention of the conviction and arrest from all online court databases, as well as from the court clerk’s computer. It is almost as if the criminal matter never existed.

Oklahoma has recognized that it is easier for an offender to move on with their lives and to avoid recidivism if they’re able to hold down a job and continue with life as a full citizen. To that end, Oklahoma has made it easier and faster to obtain the right to expunge criminal matters from your record. Waiting times and procedures vary according to whether a felony or a misdemeanor is involved and whether sentencing included jail time. Certain felonies such as violent crimes cannot be expunged.

The time to handle an expungement is before you need it. In some cases, an Oklahoma expungement attorney can help you with expungement prior to the matter being closed. This is a very technical area of the law and you will need the help of an expungement attorney in order to handle most expungements.

Expungements Are Complex: An Expungement Attorney Can Help

Qualifying for expungement depends in large part on the amount of time that has passed between the conviction and the petition for expungement, the type of crime involved, its classification as a felony or a misdemeanor, and the sentencing involved. Every petition must address every qualifying guideline in order for the petition to be granted.

In addition, a noticed hearing is required. At the hearing, you and your attorney will have to convince the judge that the detriment to your life from having your criminal record made public outweighs the value to society of having your record continue to be a matter of public record. Your Tahlequah expungement attorney will know not only what to put into the petition itself, but will also know how to address this important question with the judge.

An Expungement Can Be The Ticket To A New Life

if your criminal record is holding you back in your life, it’s time to consult with the Tahlequah expungement attorney to see what options are open to you and to help you get a fresh start. No one should be held back in life because of a mistake. If you want to know more about how to get criminal records expunged, call today.

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