Tahlequah Attorney BlogHow Serious Is A No Proof Of Insurance Ticket Oklahoma?

no proof of insurance ticket OklahomaDriving without insurance in Tahlequah can lead to legal troubles and fines. Even if you have liability insurance, it is illegal to not have proof of that policy with you while driving. If you have received a no proof of insurance ticket Oklahoma, you will likely need to appear in court before a judge. An experienced Tahlequah attorney can ensure you get fair treatment on your day in court.

About Oklahoma Liability Insurance

Oklahoma law requires all drivers to be responsible for any loss resulting from bodily injury, death and property damage sustained by another person arising out of the use of the vehicle.

This means that even drivers who do not own the car will be responsible for any damage.

Furthermore, all drivers must carry proof of insurance with them when driving – whether it is their own vehicle or someone else’s vehicle. Failure to do so could lead to a no proof of insurance ticket Oklahoma.

Penalties For No Proof Of Insurance Ticket Oklahoma

Anyone facing this ticket could be convicted of a misdemeanor in Tahlequah, or at least face fines and court costs.

Anyone who produces proof of insurance within 48 hours of being pulled over can have the case dismissed, however.

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Not having insurance can make a traffic stop go from bad to worse.

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