Tahlequah Attorney BlogShould You Take a Polygraph Test if You’re Being Accused of a Crime?

The Tahlequah Attorney Does Not Recommend It

Video Transcribed: Should you take a polygraph test if you’re being accused of a crime? Hi, my name is Ryan Cannonie. I’m an attorney in Tahlequah. And a lot of people will give us a call and say, “Hey, either detective have called me, I’ve been accused of something.

They want me to come in and do a polygraph.” They’ll say, “I’ve been told, just come in. And if it’s good, you’re free to go. And we’ll know we can find out, we believe your story, but we just need something for our file.”

And a lot of people unfortunately will go ahead and do the polygraph. Now, if you’re coming to me for advice, let’s say you came down here and gave, laid out your case. Nine times out of Ten. I’m going to tell a client to not do a polygraph.

Now everyone’s case is different. You guys, you might have a different situation, but one thing most people don’t realize is that polygraph can’t really help you in court. We can’t as your attorney, I couldn’t bring the results in to say, ah, this proves he’s telling, he or she’s telling the truth about something.

Tahlequah attorneyPolygraph results are not valid enough to be used in court. So why do they do them? Why would someone want you, why would law enforcement want you to do a polygraph?

Well, a lot of times polygraphs are really good at getting people to either admit to things or maybe even to start questioning their own story. There’s research out there where people take a polygraph and they go through a lot of the interrogation techniques and tricks that law enforcement know how to use and end up with a false confession, especially when it takes a considerable amount of time with all that going on.

So polygraphs are just another tool law enforcement can use. They can use it to start kind of maybe try to poke holes in your story. If there are holes or to try to insinuate that there are holes in the story.

If there’s any type of deceit detected in the polygraph results, but they’re not going to be used in court against you and you can’t use them to help you.

So most of the time I’m going to tell my clients probably not to do one. It can’t help you. It can really only hurt you. Now, everyone’s case is different. If you have a situation where you’re being asked to take a polygraph test Tahlequah, then please give us a call, go to Tahlequahattorney.com, shoot us a web form.

Let’s talk about your situation and if I can help. And if it’s one that maybe you want to do a polygraph in this type of situation, every case and every person’s problems are a little bit different. So reach out to us and we’ll see if we can help you.

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