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Always Have a Prescription for Your Medicine

Tahlequah attorneyVideo Transcribed: Don’t do other people’s drugs. Hi, my name is Ryan Cannonie. I’m an attorney in Tahlequah with the Wirth Law office. And a situation that comes up way more often than most attorneys wished it would not only for cases I’ve been in in the past but cases that my friends talk to me about and other attorneys is where a client comes in and says, “Hey, my, my back was really hurting this weekend. I pulled something.” Something along those lines, and “my wife or my friend, or my parents gave me Lortab or gave me some type of medication, and I took it.” Well, it’s like, “Well, you took prescription drugs that were not yours, meaning that if there’s a drug test, you are going to test positive, most likely especially a hair or nail bed test for a controlled dangerous substance that you had no prescription to, meaning that it’s a crime for you to possess it.”

So if you’re going into, let’s say a child custody matter, and they’re looking for who is the proper and fit parent, a drug test showing you’re positive for drugs is not going to help you out. So a lot of people say, “Well, what do I do?” It’s like, “Well, you don’t do other people’s drugs.” That’s the first rule. Go talk to your doctor.

If you need a prescription drug, get a prescription for it. You’re rarely ever going to find yourself in a situation in court where the judge is going to penalize you for a prescription medication that you were prescribed by a doctor.

Judges aren’t doctors. No one else in there usually is aside from one or two attorneys I know that are both attorneys and doctors. No one else can say if you should or shouldn’t be prescribed that substance.

What they can say though, is if you have no prescription that it does go to your character and fitness as a parent to be able to raise your child, to get a guardianship, to do anything else that you’re in there to do, whatever you’re in there on guardianship, adoption, child custody, deprived court proceedings, any of that stuff.

If you have a situation where you have questions about any of these types of matters, family law, deprived case law, child custody in Tahlequah, any of that type of stuff, then give us a call, go to tahlequahattorney.com, when you need a Tahlequah Lawyer.

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