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Tahlequah child neglect attorneyYour children really matter to you. We can’t always control every situation, but when situations unintentionally get out of hand, sometimes Child Protective Services (CPS) steps in without fully investigating. It may be that your child plays loudly and your neighbor mistakes your child’s raucous play for cries for help. Perhaps a sports injury looks suspicious to a teacher, or your child forgot their lunch money for the fifth time and had no lunch. Sometimes, child neglect charges in Oklahoma are the result. Even if not, you still need the help of a caring and experienced Tahlequah attorney.

CPS Can Take Your Child From You Without Warning

You may not know it, but CPS can step in and take your child from you without any warning at all. This doesn’t happen frequently — but when it does, it can wrench a family apart.

Most of the time, CPS is busy doing their job, investigating child abuse and child neglect. But what looks like child neglect to a CPS worker may not in fact be neglect.

Unfortunately, situations arise that a parent cannot control.

For instance, your child may go to school in dirty clothing. Grunge is a style. This may happen on more than one occasion.

Unfortunately, it is a red flag for teachers who are trained and must report possible child neglect and abuse. Your child’s fashion statement may look like neglect. A teacher may call CPS who may step in and take your child away immediately, pending investigation.

Parents work hard to ensure their children are safe and protected. Having your child taken away can be a nightmare.

Oklahoma Law On Neglect

Child neglect is a type of Oklahoma child abuse and is strictly punished. If convicted, a parent can spend years in prison.

When a teacher or other mandated reporter suspects a child has been abused or neglected, that person is mandated under Oklahoma law to report their suspicion to CPS. CPS is required to investigate any reported or potential abuse or neglect.

However, CPS is often backlogged and workers can feel the strain of that backlog. That strain can result in mistakes. Sometimes, a child is taken out of the home and placed in foster care because of such a mistake.

If that happens, a parent should not try to handle the investigation and interviews with CPS on their own. A Tahlequah child neglect attorney can help a parent prepare for any interviews or other investigative procedures by CPS. If the matter goes to court, your Tahlequah family law attorney can help you prepare your case, gather evidence, and help you retain custody of your children.

Your children really matter to you. Do not try to go this alone.

A Tahlequah Child Neglect Attorney Can Help

Your Tahlequah child neglect attorney is vital to protecting your rights as a parent and protecting your nuclear family as a unit. An attorney who specializes in this area knows both the administrative and investigative world that CPS inhabits as well as the judges who render decisions.

As Tahlequah family law attorneys, we help clients who are facing a wide range of circumstances involving allegations of child deprivation. If you believe your child is being abused by someone or you’re wrongly accused of depriving your child, we have the knowledge and experience to assist. Rather than try to handle this on your own, contact an attorney today to see what can be done to help you and your family.

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