Tahlequah Attorney BlogMcGirt Decision: Are You Now Living On A Reservation?

McGirt Decision Has A Big Impact On Oklahoma


Video Transcribed: How do you know if the McGirt case or any of the new tribal reservations apply to you? My name is Ryan Cannonie, I am the Tahlequah criminal defense attorney for Wirth Law Office in Cherokee County. One thing that comes up, especially around here, is where the Cherokee Nation Reservation boundaries, but it’s not just an issue for Cherokee Nation.

It also concerns the Creeks, the Seminoles, the Choctaws, any of the five tribes. One thing that’s actually happened here recently that a lot of people don’t know about when they’re trying to decide is this something I should talk to an attorney about, is if you go to Google maps type in Cherokee Nation, or type in Choctaw Nation, it’ll actually show you on a Google map where those Nation boundaries are.

So then you can zoom in and see if your location, your town, is included in that. That way you can know maybe I should talk to an attorney about this whole McGirt thing and getting my case thrown out or getting an old case dismissed and thrown out and getting on with your life.

If you have questions about whether McGirt and the McGirt decision will apply to you, whether or not you’re living in an area where tribal reservations can impact if you are charged with an Oklahoma crime in the state anyway, then please give us a call.

You can go to Tahlequahattorney.com, send us a web form there, and we can get back to you. Just a reminder, we do free consultations and we’d be happy to talk to you about any of your McGirt issues, so contact a Tahlequah attorney.

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