Tahlequah Attorney BlogWhat Happens if You Remove a Doc Ankle Monitor?

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Video Transcribed:  Have you recently been released from DOC and put on an ankle monitor or were you sentenced to DOC, but got some type of alternative form of release that allows you to be out as long as you’re on an ankle monitor and you don’t really like that ankle monitor.

Tahlequah attorney Ryan CannonieWell, before you do anything drastic, I might want to stop and listen to the rest of this video. My name is Ryan Cannonie, I am the Tahlequah Criminal Defense Attorney for the Wirth Law Office in Tahlequah.

And one thing that I talked about in another video about if you have an ankle monitor and you’re out on bond, what happens if you cut it off? There’s actually a separate statute in a separate whole punishment scheme if you’re a convicted inmate of DOC or under their custody, and you cut off an ankle monitor.

So if you’re on, any of the pre parole programs, any of the alternative to incarceration programs, and you have to wear an ankle monitor and you cut it off, you’re looking at not a misdemeanor, but another felony, a felony of two to seven years on that.

Also, your original charge is probably going to be revoked along with your parole. And you’re going to be increased in your offender status level, which means it’s going to be harder for you to get good time credit.

So before you do anything drastic, just take a breath, give us a call. Maybe we can help with your situation. We have attorneys that specialize in pardons. We have attorneys that also do post-conviction relief and others who can just look over your case and see if there’s anything else that could be done for you. So give us a call or go to our website, Tahlequahattorney.com, send us a web form and we can get back to you. And hopefully, we can help. Thank you.

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