Tahlequah Attorney BlogCan What You Said in a Protective Order Be Used Against You Later?

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Video Transcribed: Can what you say in a protective order be used against you later? My name is Ryan Cannonie, I am the Tahlequah Attorney for Wirth Law Firm in Tahlequah. And a question I’ve had come up is, “Well, there’s a protective order case, I need to get an attorney, but I’m also thinking about just going in there and saying my piece.”

Well, sometimes that’s good, sometimes it’s not. Especially if the other side gets a court reporter, and if the other side gets an attorney, because then what you said will go, A, there are going to be witnesses to it regardless, but if they have a court reporter in there, then everything you’re saying is being typed up and can be used against you later.

For instance, if there’s a criminal case involved, which if there’s a protective order, it’s highly likely there’s probably some type of criminal allegations out there, either charged, alleged, being investigated, any of the above.

So it’s really important to talk to an attorney before going into a protective order and just blurting out all this stuff. You never know what you’re going to say that could come up later and really hurt you.

So if you have questions about this, if you have questions about protective order defense, please give us a call at 918-932-2800.

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